Design and Fabrication

Maker at heart…

I can 3D print parts downloaded off the internet (thingiverse, myminifactory, etc) work and convert 3D models (from GrabCAD), reverse engineer parts from existing physical models or design from scratch using CAD.

Proud user of SolidWorks…


Any good FABLAB is built in a garage, well mine is anyway!

I have access to 2 FDMs and 1 DLP 3D printers. A large CNC router (lowrider) with a table 32 by 58 in., A Laser cutter/engraver, a number of woodworking tools and various other shop tools from (A)nvil to (Z). My Raise3D printer has a larger build volume and higher temperatures. In the long term learning to use the wood turning lathe, getting a metal lathe (which involves learning machining and Gcode) as well as refining some of the CAD skills already acquired.

Various pictures of things I made…

You can see examples of some of the parts I reversed engineered (as in the case for the disintegration tester tube holder). Parts I designed from scratch (as in the mudguard spacer and license plate adapter for a ZERO motorcycle). or printed directly from (as in the small chess piece) other 3D printed more complicated things which involve more intricate printing like the wingsuit parts or some basic electrical wiring like the “Among Us” figurines. The snowflake is a simple print I gave to my customers for the 2020 December Holidays.

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