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This part is more personal, It will contain some of the books I’ve read and found meaningful, links to the recent podcasts I’ve listened to and great quotes I come across!

Obviously this list is far from encompassing all the readings I have done over the course of my life, Some I will add over time as they come back to memory (or Re-read them in certain cases…) Hofstadter, Tolstoy and Dostoevsky come to mind… probably in that order. CF(2020OC28)


Perspectives on strategy from the Boston Consulting Group
Started, business acumen starting from the early 70s, still valid today.

Carl W. Stern

Composite Materials
Part of a series on composite fabrication this book describes all the steps necessary to make molds, plugs, and layup processes for fiberglass and carbon fiber.

Technical read, yet within reach of the layperson
John Wanberg

Engineering approach to a fantastic concept of using the much higher density of water and the physical principles of wing designs to build “flying” boats.

Complex, highly technical and incredibly detailed,
Ray Vellinga

The war of art
What stops us from taking on the challenges that we face. Why are hard things so hard to start..

Modern Classic (if the is such a thing,
Steven Pressfield

Classic, recommendation from the Lex Fridman podcast. In a futuristic world a space-station’s crew is experiencing visions they think might be generated by a giant lifeform from the planet they are orbiting.

Good read, a little dry but did not disappoint
Stanislaw Lem

A gentleman in Moscow
Set in the early 20th century, a story about a Russian aristocrat revolutionary spared the death sentence only to be confined to the famed Metropol hotel in Moscow.

Great fun, easy read
Amor Towles

A Brave New World
1984 distopia but exactly opposite, everything is controlled but drugs and sex are widely available and even recommended. Castes are highly regimented and we follow some protagonists in the upper one. happiness abound or so we think.

Weird read,
Aldous Huxley

Monday starts on Saturday
Tribulations of a young programmer in Russia that get “enrolled” into working in a magical institute of weird science….

An acid trip of a read, Weird and wonderful
B. & A. Strugatsky

Post hyperinflation, cyber-thriller. protagonists are trying to stop a programmer from taking over the world by infecting people with a computer virus.

Geek cult classic, fun easy read, really entertaining
Neil Stephenson


The portal ep.41: Douglas Murray
Incredibly precise discourse on the current state of thinking. I particularly liked the ideas put forth by both Eric Weinstein (Host) and Douglas Murray (Guest) whom I had never heard of but will definitely get his latest book (the madness of crowds). It’s a shame Eric hasn’t posted an episode in a long while, I dearly miss hearing him.

Tim Ferris ep.466: Richard Koch
Writer of the 80/20 rule Richard Koch is discussing here the principles that led him to the writing of the book as well as other investing principles in general that have made him so successful. Am also getting the “perspectives on strategy from the BCG” book that was recommended.

Jordan Harbinger ep.410: H.R.McMaster
It was suggested this man should run for POTUS, now I see why! Articulate and versed in so many areas. Especially the all important foreign Policy aspects which are so critical to the well being of the worlds balance.

Lex Fridman ep.132: George Hotz
Highly technical discussion on the intricacies of programming AI and ML, mostly applied to Self driving cars but also in general. Will look at the Unqualified Reservations blog that was suggested towards the end as a seminal piece of writing in Holtz path.

Lex Fridman ep.146: Michael Mina
Mr. Mina brings up a number of interesting point about diagnostic testing, medical device classification and the FDA.

Pretty much all podcasts by Lex.


Bob Iger
Longshots are almost never as long as we think they are.

Man cannot control the current of events, he can only float and steer.

unknown Greek philosopher
Society grows great when old men plant trees in the shadow of which they will never sit.

Malcolm Gladwell
Don’t be a donkey!

You can make plans ’till GOD leaves Chicago.

Think small, act small is the way to get big.

Chris Voss
Never be mean to somebody that could hurt you by doing nothing.

No need for revenge just sit back and wait, those that hurt you will eventually screw up all on their own and if you’re lucky the universe will let you watch.

Dr Peter Attia
I have a lot of experience feeling miserable despite a tremendous set of positive external circumstances.

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