Analytical Services

25+ years of experience in analytical instrumentation services and sales in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, food, academic and environmental markets.
Rational thinker
Capable of solving complex problems and finding innovative solutions by Analyzing Optimizing Improving performance and productivity.
Natural leader and communicator.

Cost effective and unparalleled response times.

Analytical Instrumentation repair/maintenance

Skilled at troubleshooting and repairs on many brands of instruments. I can take care of a wide variety of analytical equipment in laboratories in the Greater Montreal Area.


Mass Spectrometry,



and more…

Qualification/Validation services

Whether you provide your custom protocols or want me to develop one from scratch, I can perform qualification/validation procedures to ensure your instruments are performing according to their manufacturers specifications year-round.

Sales/Operations Consulting

Let me help you become more productive by helping you select the right instruments, Organize or write your processes and help with business decisions.

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